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What is the Rubenfeld Synergy Method®?

The Rubenfeld Synergy Method® is therapy for individuals, a powerful holistic system that provides a gateway to contacting, expressing and working through deep feelings and memories locked in the body.

Developed by body/mind pioneer Ilana Rubenfeld over 35 years, it is a synthesis of Gestalt practice, Alexander Technique, Feldenkrais exercises and Ericksonian hypnotherapy that integrates gentle touch with verbal expression. Emotions suppressed, from childhood to adulthood, do not go away; they stay inside the body and the psyche, affecting health and well being, often manifesting in physical ways: aches and pains, tension, fatigue and depression. They may be co-factors in more serious illness.

Rubenfeld Synergy Method® is based on the belief that talk alone does not access deep feelings as easily as touch. Touch is more likely to get through defenses and bring hidden emotions to the surface. This heightened state of awareness leads to the possibility of new ways of thinking, which can bring about change. Adding dialogue to touch allows the opportunity to talk about the experience and formulate change consciously - a true integration of body, mind, emotions and spirit. More information about Rubenfeld Synergy is available here.